Corporate Workshops Overview

Excellence Through Brain Activation

Excellence is the key and an intelligent workforce is the key driver of corporate growth.

AIAI is proud to be one of the few training companies that uses techniques that have been tested at premier research institutions such as Brain Science International and SRM Medical School.

These courses are designed by Dr. Pillai, an Internationally Renowned Expert in unraveling the brain’s hidden powers through the integration of cutting edge science and practical sound based meditation techniques.

AIAI’s Corporate Brain Training workshops are backed by the teaching experience of Dr. Pillai which spans over three decades across the globe. Today over 1 million people practice techniques developed by Dr. Pillai worldwide.

Our programs provide scientifically validated results:

  • Brain Activation (Activation of midbrain and entire cortex region)
  • Stress reduction (Lowers level of Stress Hormones)
  • Increased productivity (Financial and Corporate Success of Clients)
  • Better overall health and wellness – into their workplace (Peace & Fulfillment)

The brain training techniques that we teach are based in scientific research and are non-religious. They are meant to be accessible to a wide range of people, easy to use and effective in producing results.

You can create a culture of wellness through our programs. If you create a culture of wellness where employees can train their brain for excellence, you’ve achieved a lot. Brain Training enhances workforce productivity.

AIAI offers workshops in the following areas of employee development:

  • 1. Emotional Intelligence Enhancement
  • 2. Time Management
  • 3. Stress Management
  • 4. Productivity
  • 5. Empathy Based Customer Service

More detailed discussions upon request to suggest what AIAI can tailor for your employees.

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