Program Overview

The Phonemic IntelligenceSM (PI) Program consists of a consists of a 9 months curriculum for greater academic and career success.

This comprehensive program teaches 3 levels of practice of Dr. Pillai’s proprietary PI Core Technique.

Each level is of 3 months duration and consists of a version of the PI Core Technique taught along with associated Brain Curriculum to educate students about their brain and its vast hidden potential.

Our global Certification is awarded to students and teachers upon completion of the course.

Key Components of the PI Core Technique

  • Activation of areas of the brain associated with learning, memory, emotional regulation and behavior using phonemic sounds vocalized in a specific pattern of use
  • Cross lateral hand movements to promote Hemispheric Synchronization of the two hemispheres of the brain leading to Whole Brain State of Learning
  • Affirmations to acknowledge the brain activations being affected by the techniques and emotionalizing the need for progress resulting in deeper experience of the technique and higher motivation for students
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